April 4-29, 2022

Fully Virtual Admin+ Celebration… All Month Long

Admin+ Month is about honoring Administrative and Operations professionals with meaningful (and fun!) opportunities for global recognition, deep learning, and exclusive giveaways. This year, we threw a fully virtual celebration that lasted all month long, which meant our entire community was able to engage, learn, and connect LIVE — no matter where they were.

We saw your meeting fatigue and raised you a refreshing mix of interactive learning, entertainment, prizes, and camaraderie to boost your mood (as well as your confidence).

Registration for Admin+ Month opens Feb 15, 2022. Relive the 2021 Admin+ Month highlights.

Am I part of the Admin+ Community?

Today’s professional landscape is uniquely complex with roles and responsibilities evolving organically to meet the times. Nowhere is this growth more evident than in the world of the workplace operator.

The Administrative, Operations, and People professionals in this community defy outdated notions of these roles, moving in lock-step with executives and making high-value contributions that help advance their organizations’ most important goals.

In an age where new titles and evolving roles may cause confusion about who this community is for, “Admin+” is a simple unifier representing all individuals and teams who make workplaces work.

If that’s you, OfficeNinjas is your community. Admin+ Month is your celebration.


2022 OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards: Nominations are Open!

Know an individual or team who’s making big moves? Are YOU the next OfficeNinjas All-Star? Learn more about the program and submit your nomination by March 25!

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