in Austin

Hyatt Regency Austin
208 Barton Springs, Austin, TX
March 5, 2020 // 6:00-9:00 PM

What’s Admingling?

It’s a networking and learning experience created exclusively for executive assistants, office managers, and workplace operators (aka Ninjas). Each Admingling event is an opportunity to collaborate with other Ninjas through in-depth conversations on the topics that matter to your career and the future of the admin profession.

And because we’re firm believers in the power of ambiance, we host Admingling in unexpected venues that feel inspiring (and sometimes a little quirky). Local fare and tasty drinks help fuel the special mix of brainstorming, idea-sharing, and goal-setting that is Admingling.


Why Attend an Admingling?

Admingling is the most productive three hours of your week (and that’s saying a lot for a Ninja)!

High-Quality Networking

Where else can you connect (and celebrate!) with dozens of local career admins from every business sector?


Interactive Experiences

Admingling is packed with engaging experiences in a fun, relaxed environment for learning from each other’s experiences.


Meet Valuable Partners

Get face time with carefully vetted partners who understand workplace challenges and want to keep your office running smoothly.


Tasty Bites
and Drinks

We collaborate with partners to craft a food and beverage spread you won’t forget — from heavy appetizers, to luxurious desserts, to tasty libations.


Actionable Takeaways

Admingling is packed with engaging experiences in a fun, relaxed environment for learning from each other’s experiences.


Legit Raffle

We cap each Admingling event by giving away epic raffle prizes, ranging from tech gadgets to designer suitcases!



The Art of Influence

Every workplace interaction (emails, phone calls, presentations, meetings) is an opportunity to flex your leadership muscles. So, how can you use your communication skills to effect change and create the kind of organization you’re excited to work for?

Through guided conversations and networking activities, we’ll cover techniques for navigating power dynamics, managing people (including your boss), and infusing inspiration into every professional connection.

Register Today

To create peak networking conditions and collaboration opportunities, we cap Admingling events at 70 Ninjas. A limited guest list ensures that every attendee has the opportunity to be heard, but it also means that we typically sell out. Our advice? Register ASAP!

Admingling in Austin

Hyatt Regency Austin

March 5, 2020, 6:00 PM

Need to leave work a little early to make it on time? Use this handy email template to ask for your manager’s support.

IMPORTANT! This event is exclusively for career admins (office managers, executive assistants, and operations pros). Each registration will be verified, and all non-admin signups will be automatically refunded.


Maximize Your
Admingling Experience

Networking favors the bold

Introduce yourself. Aim to interact with every person in the room. Make it rain business cards (or LinkedIn connections). You’re there to connect with other Ninjas, so be bold! The more you put into networking, the more you’ll get out of it.

Ninjas are the best resources

Curious about another industry? Want to know what it’s like to work at a startup? Got a favorite app or vendor that’s completely changed your game? Speak up, ask questions, and trade tips.

Cash in on peer-to-peer support

So many Ninjas work in a department of one, making peer support hard to find. Admingling is your chance to share those questions, ideas, and concerns that only another Ninja can understand.

Meet Our Partners

By partnering with OfficeNinjas, these companies help keep Admingling ticket costs affordable. And that’s just one of the ways they make admin life easier! Cash in on these exclusive offers to try out their game-changing products and services.

Backed by a 37-year track record of unparalleled hospitality, Hyatt Regency Austin offers teams a home-away-from-home experience in the heart of downtown.

Meet Your Hosts

Admingling Hosts are our secret weapon. They bring local flare and know-how to the planning process, which means every Admingling event reflects the Ninjas in attendance. On event day, Admingling Hosts help guide group discussions, keep the program on schedule, and answer guests’ questions.

Reggie Cajayon

Executive Assistant at 7Works

A motivational speaker and team building coach by night, Reggie Cajayon spends his days as a Ninja at 7Works, troubleshooting challenges and clearing the way for his team’s important projects. Hear this passionate Austinite discuss The Art of Influence at AdminglingATX in March!

Krisanne Naudin

Executive Personal Assistant

With more than two decades of Ninja experience, Krisanne Naudin takes charge of difficult situations with morale-boosting solutions, activities, and charm. At AdminglingATX, get her tips about influencing up, asking the right questions, and maintaining high spirits in the face of challenges.


Admingling events give Ninjas from all different types of administrative roles an opportunity to get together, collaborate, and have fun. I have grown exponentially in my professional life from participating in these events and have benefited greatly from the conversations, connections, and new ideas I’ve made during them.

Marcie L., Office Manager

This was my first event and from the time we walked up to the registration desk until the event ended, I had an absolutely amazing time. I never felt out of place nor did I feel alone. And the takeaways and helpful tips from fellow Ninjas were #priceless!

Yvette J., Sr. Assistant Manager

Admingling is such a great time! I get so inspired after attending an Admingling event with admin professionals such as myself. It’s exciting to learn about new tools, see old friends and make new ones, and re-invigorate my administrative spirit.

Lisa W., Executive Assistant

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does it cost to attend an Admingling event?

A: Each city’s inaugural event is free. Subsequent Admingling events will have a small admission fee ($22) to help cover basic event expenses.

Q: Can I bring my team of admins to this event?

A: Admingling is the perfect after-hours event for you and your Ninja team. Each member of your party must sign up separately (and be quick — we have a first-come, first-serve policy).

Q: How often do Admingling events happen?

A: Admingling events are hosted two times a year in our established cities.

Q: What’s the dress code?

A: There is no dress code. Many Ninjas come straight from work and tend to be dressed work-casual as a result. Just make sure you’re comfortable!

Q: Can I volunteer at an event?

A: We’re so happy you asked! Volunteers are essential; they make each event unique by bringing local perspective to the planning process. If you’re interested in being a volunteer, please complete this form.

Q: Do you offer a refund if I can’t make it?

A: Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer refunds for high-demand events like Admingling. We promise it will be the highlight of your week! We can however transfer your ticket to another Ninja. Reach out to us at

Q: Can I come to an Admingling if I’m not a Ninja?

A: Regretfully, no. We designed Admingling specifically for Office Ninjas (executive assistants, office managers, admins). If you don’t fall into any of those categories, consider sponsoring an event or sign up for our newsletter .

Q: Can I start my own Admingling?

A: Our events are solely hosted by our team at HQ. You can check out the city request form. We also encourage you to get together with your area admins in whatever way you can!

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