April 20-24, 2020


Welcome to Leadership in The New Era

On Friday, April 17, 2020, we kicked off Admin Week early with the reveal of our first-ever OfficeNinjas All-Star Team Award winner, and announced a new 2020 All-Star each day of Admin week, April 20-24.

Read our feature stories with each winner to see their inspiring stories, sage advice, and helpful administrative tips.

About OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards

OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards is an online search for the best and brightest executive assistants, office managers, administrative business partners, and workplace operators (aka Office Ninjas) in the United States and Canada.


Elaine Carbonell

San Francisco, CA

Elaine’s 25-year career as a Ninja is packed with professional accomplishments, as she continually finds ways to expand her role and give back to her community, both in and out of the workplace.

If you’ve ever considered starting an Employee Resource Group or founding a nonprofit organization, this All-Star interview is for you! Elaine also has some powerful and practical advice for preparing for a job interview.


Laura Feigel

Grand Rapids, MI

In her 24 years as a Ninja, Laura has steadily climbed the ranks from entry-level to the Executive Assistant of the Vice President and COO at an international airport.

A naturally shy person, she opens up about overcoming fear, stepping outside her comfort zone, and embracing new challenges.


Hilary Phillips

Palo Alto, CA

Happy Admin Day, Ninja! Kickstart your day of celebration with an inspiring primer from Hilary on how to position yourself as a strategic business partner in your organization and level-up your career.

Plus, she shares the most impactful career advice she’s ever received — which could be particularly resonant for those with a performance review coming up.


Tricia Kalchbrenner

Chicago, IL

Time management is a crucial skill, but Tricia elevates it to an art form. A mom to two young kids, she’s simultaneously wrangled office operations, a company president’s calendar, major office construction projects, AND significant HR policy changes with grace and efficiency.

It’s incredibly impressive and, frankly, a little mysterious… Luckily, she let us in on her secrets.


Corina Terrell

Dallas, TX

An Admingling host extraordinaire and participant in the inaugural OfficeNinjas & UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Leadership & Communication course, Corina isn’t just a leader in the Ninja community — she’s a pioneer!

We picked her brain on everything from the future of the admin profession, to the (funny) way she manages stress — you’ll want to grab a pen and take notes.


Maxim Integrated

San Jose, CA

The Maxim Integrated Admin Team spans multiple countries and time zones, yet they’ve mastered the art of working (and thriving) as one cohesive unit to create a powerful leadership program, career training opportunities, and inter-company awards just for Maxim admins.

You’ll wish you could be part of their monthly lunch & learn sessions — but we bet you may be ready to launch your own program by the time you’re done getting to know this phenomenal group.

All-Star Hall of Fame

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Browse each of our winner’s personal interviews and powerful nominations — and imagine yourself as one of them. The future is yours.

How it Works

What’s an All-Star?

Following an extensive nomination process, OfficeNinjas HQ selects five outstanding Ninjas and one stellar Ninja team to receive All-Star recognition during Admin Week. In addition to worldwide praise and bragging rights, OfficeNinjas All-Stars receive an incredible prize package. Check out the OfficeNinjas’ All-Star Hall of Fame and get inspired.

Who’s Eligible?

Remarkable office professionals (aka “Office Ninjas”) from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada are eligible. This includes office managers, executive assistants, administrative business partners, administrative assistants, operations leaders, workplace experience managers, and virtual/ remote assistants. Eligible teams will consist of two or more Ninjas who collaborate frequently.

Getting Nominated

Every year since Admin Week 2015, thousands of managers, coworkers, and peers have submitted nominations to recognize their resident Office Ninja and express gratitude for their invaluable contributions. The All-Star Program has always been and will always be 100% free. Nominations for the 2021 All-Star Awards will open in November 2020! Subscribe to get notified.

The All-Star Prize Package

Custom Engraved Award

We commission a team of local artists to handcraft a custom engraved plaque for our All-Star team and each of our individual All-Stars.

Professional Photo Shoot

Nothing takes an online resume, personal website, or LinkedIn profile to the next level like a slick headshot. We partner with professional photographers to capture a portfolio of stunning on-the-job photos.

Bragging Rights

Once you’re an All-Star, you’re an All-Star for life. Past winners have used their title to up their networking game and open doors to new opportunities.

Profile on OfficeNinjas.com

We sit down with each All-Star for an extensive Q&A that covers everything from their workplace experiences to their daily habits and collaboration tips. Our goal is to give All-Stars the recognition they deserve and share their inspirational stories and time-tested advice with the rest of the world.

Prizes from our Partners

With the help of our Admin Week partners, we throw the All-Star Team an in-office party, treating honorees and their colleagues to catered food, drinks, and a few fun surprises!

Individual All-Stars receive a customized prize package from one of our partners. We like to keep the details under wraps until Admin Week, but with past partners like Delta Air Lines, Caviar for Companies, Keurig Commercial, Benchmark Resorts and Hotels, and Bevi, you can expect to be impressed. Check out this recap of their awe-inspiring prizes.

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OfficeNinjas recognizes career admins and workplace operators (aka “Ninjas”) for the curious, engaged, forward-thinking professionals they are. We exist to provide vital educational resources, career development, vendor recommendations, and industry insights to ensure they have every opportunity to lead a valued and fulfilling professional life.