Nominations Close

February 28, 2020


Are You a Leader in the New Era?

OfficeNinjas All-Star Awards is an online search for the best and brightest executive assistants, office managers, administrative business partners, and workplace operators (aka Office Ninjas) in the United States and Canada.


Introducing the All-Star Team Award

This year, in addition to showcasing five individual All-Star winners, we’re launching a new award category: All-Star Team!

One stand-out team will take their place in the All-Star Hall of Fame… but not before receiving an incredible prize package, including an in-depth interview, professional photo shoot, and an in-office celebration.

How it Works

What’s an All-Star?

Following a peer nomination process, OfficeNinjas HQ selects five outstanding Ninjas and one stellar Ninja team to receive All-Star recognition during Admin Week. In addition to worldwide praise and bragging rights, OfficeNinjas All-Stars receive a photo shoot, an engraved award plaque, and an incredible prize package.

Check out the OfficeNinjas All-Star Hall of Fame and get inspired by prior winners.

Who’s Eligible?

Remarkable office professionals (aka “Office Ninjas”) from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada are eligible. This includes (but isn’t limited to) office managers, executive assistants, administrative business partners, administrative assistants, operations leaders, workplace experience managers, and virtual/remote assistants.

Eligible teams will consist of two or more Ninjas who collaborate frequently.

Getting Nominated

Managers, coworkers, and peers can nominate individual Ninjas. (We’re happy to send colleagues an anonymous hint.) And self-nominations are very much welcome.
Teams are required to submit one application per team. (Answer the questions collaboratively, but choose a team captain to hit send!) The nomination deadline is February 28, 2020.

2020 All-Star Nominations are closed!

Bring Deserved Recognition to your Admin Team 

It’s not uncommon for administrative teams to show outstanding creativity when confronted with challenges, issues, or a need for improvement.

And All-Star admin teams can unleash an energy that boosts the creativity, productivity, engagement, communication, and efficiency of the entire organization.

In the Era of the Office Ninja, organizations bring deserved recognition to their administrative teams and the profession.



Nov 19

Nominations Open

Know a phenomenal Ninja? All-Star Award nominations are now open!


Feb 28

Nominations Close

Hurry! Last day to submit a nomination.

Mar 6

Winners Notified

One team and five individuals are selected as 2020 All-Stars!

Mar 13-Apr 3

Interviews and Photo Shoots

Winners get their close-up with an interview and professional photo shoot.

Apr 15

All-Star Team Award Winners are Announced

Our first-ever OfficeNinjas All-Star Team is revealed!

Admin Week

Apr 20-24

All-Star Award Winners Revealed

One 2020 All-Star is revealed each day of Admin Week!

Tips for Nominations

Quality > Quantity

Don’t get us wrong — we LOVE being showered with nominations. But one thoughtful, personalized recommendation is way more impressive than a dozen generic ones. We see a lot of “this Ninja is awesome,” but we want to know why you’re awesome.

Details, Please

We revel in the minutiae of administrative badassery. That office-wide, cost-saving system you implemented? We want the details. That big move you organized? Give us the play-by-play. Paint us a (photo-realistic) picture of all those times you saved the day.

Be Bold

Are YOU the Ninja with All-Star appeal? Nominate yourself! Chances are, your boss and colleagues will be thrilled to sing your praises, too. We can send them a hint.

The All-Star Prize Package

Custom Engraved Award

We commission a team of local artists to handcraft a custom engraved plaque for our All-Star team and each of our individual All-Stars.

Professional Photo Shoot

Nothing takes an online resume, personal website, or LinkedIn profile to the next level like a slick headshot. We partner with professional photographers to capture a portfolio of stunning on-the-job photos.

Bragging Rights

Once you’re an All-Star, you’re an All-Star for life. Past winners have used their title to up their networking game and open doors to new opportunities.

Profile on

We sit down with each All-Star for an extensive Q&A that covers everything from their workplace experiences to their daily habits and collaboration tips. Our goal is to give All-Stars the recognition they deserve and share their inspirational stories and time-tested advice with the rest of the world.

Prizes from our Partners

With the help of our Admin Week partners, we throw the All-Star Team an in-office party, treating honorees and their colleagues to catered food, drinks, and a few fun surprises!

Individual All-Stars receive a customized prize package from one of our partners. We like to keep the details under wraps until Admin Week, but with past partners like Delta Air Lines, Caviar for Companies, Keurig Commercial, Benchmark Resorts and Hotels, and Bevi, you can expect to be impressed. Check out this recap of their awe-inspiring prizes.

All-Star Hall of Fame

Meet the All-Stars and Get Inspired

Every year since Admin Week 2015, we’ve honored five outstanding Ninjas with All-Star distinction, recognizing their exceptional work, leadership, and commitment to the ever-evolving admin profession.

Visit the All-Star Hall of Fame to browse each winner’s personal interview and heartwarming nominations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I apply?

A: Apply for the OfficeNinjas All-Star Award and Team Award using this form. If you want us to send your boss or colleagues an anonymous hint to nominate you, fill out this form.

Q: Can I be nominated for both an individual All-Star Award and an All-Star Team Award?

A: Yes, a stellar Ninja can be nominated for both an All-Star Award and an All-Star Team Award.

Q: What should I include in my application?

A: Tell us a story, share specific examples, and don’t be afraid to brag about yourself or the Ninja you’re nominating! Check out these tips on how to best craft a nomination.

Q: How can I tell my team to nominate me?

A: We are happy to send an anonymous hint to your boss or colleagues to nominate you for an All-Star Award. Just fill out this form!

Q: When will I find out if I am a 2020 All-Star or All-Star Team?

A: 2020 All-Star winners will be contacted on March 6, 2020. The winning All-Star team will be announced the week prior to Admin Week. 2020 All-Star Individuals will be announced during Admin Week 2020.

Q: Is there an application fee?

A: There is no cost to submit an All-Star nomination, win an award, or be a part of the OfficeNinjas community.

Q: Do I need to be a past attendee of an Admingling or Admin Week event to apply?

A: No! Our All-Star Awards are open to admins all across the United States & Canada.

Q: Who should submit a nomination for my team?

A: We encourage teams to collaborate on completing one nomination form. Use this template to draft your answers before one member of your team submits a nomination on behalf of the whole group.

Join Us for Admin Week 2020…

.… and mark the Era of the Office Ninja. Admin Week is OfficeNinjas’ annual, week-long celebration of office pros. We honor admins and workplace operators with opportunities for deep learning, leadership development, and global recognition. And we host mega online giveaways for a legendary Admin Day celebration that just gets bigger and better every year.

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